High Performance Program

Tennis Central’s High Performance Program is home to professional and top ranked junior players.  The objective of the program is to be one of the best tennis facilities in America that delivers a wide range of training from beginner to high performance level.  The program provides a world class environment for our players to capitalize on their potential development, as both a tennis player and on a personal level.

Our Professional coaches believe that tennis is lifelong sport, thus the philosophy for training our beginner players is, “Fun, Thinking, and Learning Tennis.”

All our programs are designed to follow the ITF (International Tennis Federation) guidelines.  The group lesson is tailored so that each child will have an opportunity to work on their individual needs, keeping in mind the development of the following objectives:


IMG_2144Social Objectives:

  • How to develop a healthy and fun work ethic.
  • Learn sportsmanship.
  • How to compete fairly.
  • How to become self-confident.
  • How to be a team player.

Physiological Objectives:

  • How to feel healthy by exercising correctly.
  • How to condition yourself.
  • Develop speed and endurance.
  • Develop strength.
  • How to be agile and flexible.

Tennis Skills:

  • To develop the correct footwork attitude.IMG_3341
  • To develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Adjust for spin according to the ball.
  • Be able to control the ball height, direction and power.
  • Improve balance, reflex and reaction time.
  • Develop consistency.

Game Objectives:

  • Learn the game pattern.
  • Learn the parts of the court.
  • Improve shot selection and decision making.
  • Use proper skill in game situations.


Our training philosophy is an athlete comes before winning.  Our professional coaches help our players build other skills such as; sportsmanship manners, positive thinking/attitudes, communication and teamwork.

Our priority is to create an environment that gives our players the best chance of reaching their highest potential.  Thus, our high performance provides training programs that meets the level of need  for each of our tennis players, whether they are just starting out or they are one of our most advanced players.


High Performance Summer Camp:

June 26th – August 18th

8 weekly session 8:30am-12:30pm
$375 per week
$95 per day


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